Sugar Cookie Art Display Competition

Sugar Rush is proud to share with you a very special and unique style of competition. “A Cookie, an Artist, & a Cause” is the friendly rivalry of talented
pastry artists in an all out battle for the top sugar cookie art display. The winner will receive $250 CASH!

The competition for first place is fierce and only one artist’s work will make it to the top, but the real winner is our non-profit benefactor. After the judging is
complete, all of the submissions will be placed on display for the public to “Ooh” & “Awe” over at the Sugar Rush event.  Taking it one step further, attendees
can bid (via a silent auction) for the chance to take their favorite display home. 100% of the auction proceeds will be donated to Share Our Selves.

To enter the Sugar Cookie Art Display Competition, please click here.



Sugar Rush Cookie Bake-Off

Do you have one of those cookie recipes that gets everyone excited? You know, the one that makes your family rush to the cookie jar and your friends ask for
the recipe. Ready to finally put that cookie recipe to the ultimate test? Enter your cookie into the “Cookie Bake-Off” competition at the Sugar Rush Festival. The winner will receive $250 CASH!

This contest is simple, easy, and fun.  It’s great for chefs and home cooks new to the food competition world and with two divisions, Amateur and Professional,
everyone of any age and skill level can compete!

To enter the Sugar Rush Cookie Bake-Off, please click here.